Guido Peterssen Nodarse, aQuantum Chief Operating Officer (COO), has published the article Advantages of agnostic development of quantum algorithms and APPs for the real world with QPath on The QPath Blog.

The proposal of the emerging quantum computing industry for software development, although it took some time to manifest itself, is currently broad and does not stop growing, showing milestones of interest almost weekly. Bearing in mind this panorama, this article focuses its analysis to the tools of the main quantum computing providers and in the truly agnostic third-party ecosystems, among which QPath has been selected.

With the resources that large providers make available to institutions, companies and developers, good quantum software can be developed for the environment of the selected provider. But right in this last detail is the most important limitation of working with these proprietary environments: they are only valid for working in their environments. This situation has generated the need for truly agnostic tools to develop quality quantum algorithms and APPs.

In this article, the author shows the advantages of working with QPath, the first quantum software development and lifecycle application platform, why it facilitates the growth of the quantum workforce necessary for the development of algorithms and APPs for the real world and, for all of this, the importance of this platform to accelerate the adoption of the development of quality quantum algorithms and APPs.

If you want to know the author’s arguments on the advantages of agnostic development of quality quantum algorithms and APPs for the real world with QPath, click here

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The aQuantum Team congratulates Guido for this article, which allows us to know the most relevant advantages of QPath for the development of quality quantum software.