The main objective of the agreement between Madrija and Alhambra IT is to channel the collaboration between both companies in the development of solutions in the field of Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computing, one of aQuantum’s strategic lines of R&D in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming. The collaboration will address projects to develop practical quantum solutions in the health field. With the signing of the Agreement, Madrija becomes a “Solution Partner” of aQuantum.

Madrija Consultoría was created in April 2015 by Ismael Moreno, CEO and Founder who, after more than 13 years working in the healthcare ICT sector, identifies numerous market niches and opportunities for improving existing healthcare information systems. The main activity of the company is the development and implementation of health products and services with a high innovative component. Within its 5 years of life, Madrija has reached agreements with multinational companies to develop projects using agile methodologies and incorporating disruptive ideas in various sectors, but mainly in Health.

Health, more than ever, is a focus of society, with inmunerables dispersed systems and applications dedicated to this area.. The creation of practical solutions based on classical-quantum hybrid technology will help us take the field of health further and prepare us for emerging challenges. Also the creation of hybrid solutions is in line with the principles promoted by the Talavera Manifesto.

We are eager to share knowledge and see the changes that this collaboration will bring to us and to the health field.