aQuantum is organizing the next 2nd International Quantum Software Engineering and Technology Workshop (QSET’21) within the IEEE Quantum Week (IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering), promoted by Alarcos Research Group, AlhambraIT, UCLM and IT & Social Sciences School of Talavera.

This workshop will discuss novel techniques and methods in the quantum software engineering field that take care of producing quantum software with the appropriate quality level. This implies to apply or adapt the existing software engineering processes, methods, techniques, practices and principles for the development of quantum software, or even to propose and discuss new methods and techniques. The goal of this workshop is aligned with the call to action in the Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming

The topics of interest for the workshop (although not limited) are: quantum programming techniques and practices, quantum software design, quantum software engineering methodologies; testing and verification of quantum programs, quality assurance of quantum software, evolution and maintenance of quantum software, modelling of quantum software, model-driven engineering and generative techniques for quantum software, metrics, frameworks and tools for developing quantum programs, empirical evaluations, among others.

Call for contributions is open until  September 17, 2021.

Due to the pandemic situation, the workshop will run in virtual mode October 18-22, 2021.