The study activities of the team initiated for more than half a year.

Creation of the Quantum Research Team

The first task of the Quantum Research Team, throughout these months, has been to conduct a thorough study of the state of the current state of the art of theoretical content on software engineering and quantum programming, looking for possible opportunities for, on these foundations, to define the lines of research and business that the team considers of greater relevance and opportunities, also paying special attention to the issues in which we can offer our clients services and solutions in this new paradigm of computing that is a quick call to change of information technologies.

Thanks to the study carried out and the experience accumulated in this regard, Quantum Research Team has reached a series of conclusions, which allows them to focus the effort of the work to be carried out on the following research task: the technical and methodological needs of the development of quantum software.

In this new task, Quantum Research Team will focus on the study of the current state of the art of technologies, systems, environments, simulators and quantum programming languages, looking for the different existing or developing technical tools that can help the team continue to advance in the line of research on quantum software development.

Of course this will be carried out in parallel to the laborious research and surveillance task that quantum computing requires today if you want to keep up with the news generated and its evolution in the short and medium term.


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