R+D+i is a fundamental activity to improve the competitiveness of the companies and be aware of all emerging technologies.

It may seem like a simple objective for a technology company, but the truth is that in the world of technology nothing is as difficult as keeping you being a landmark in innovation.

These statements are repeatable in multiple fields of our sector: virtualization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Disruptive ideas of a near and current era, often remembered as from a distant past. Innovation requires constant change and evolution, stopping only for a second will leave you far behind the trend.

Facing the challenge of staying at the forefront of research is something that takes DNA, which historically has positioned us in the research and development of different fields, especially software development. We are eager to seek new challenges for the development of our company and thus be able to offer services to our clients that contribute to technological progress and competitivenesss.

In that context, Guido Peterssen began his journey around quantum computing and, a few months later, decided to organize this activity by creating a small research team specialized in one of the new milestones of technology: quantum software engineering and programming.

Initially the Quantum Research Team was integrated by:

• Guido Peterssen Nodarse

• Jose Luis Hevia Oliver

• Mario Gerardo Piattini Velthuis

The first research task -to be carried out by the Quantum Research Team– is the study of the current state of the art of the different theoretical contents published on techniques and theories of software engineering and quantum programming.

We are sure that the effort in this new field will have crucial results in the future of several areas of software engineering and programming and it is logical that we give our full support to a team that can acquire new knowledge and projects of the quantum world so that We can continue to affirm that:

R+D+i is a fundamental activity to increase the competitiveness of companies.


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